Squeaking Auto Brakes?

If you’re noticing that your car brakes are squeaking, then it may be time to get into your car and have a look yourself. One of the best solutions to determine whether your brakes need replacing or need to be fixed it to perform a test while moving. Slow down your car to a speed of around 30 mph, and then slowly edge into the break. As your edging downwards on the brake, look out for a brake pedal pulsation or any kind of braking noise that shouldn’t occur. Squeaking brakes can be frustrating, but it’s also important that you see to them straight away. A pulsation with the brake pedal may indicate that your rotors are currently out of round. This is not uncommon, and is usually caused through excessive heat and cold. The friction between the brake pads and rotor is huge, and the friction produces heat, which is hotter than boiling water. As such, you can probably imagine that driving through a puddle of water after a long drive is the wrong thing to do – and is often attributed to the squeaking of brakes.

Additionally, squeaking brakes may also indicate that you have a potential brake failure, and this needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Your brakes could be on their way out. Maybe they won’t break today or tomorrow, but the squeaking is only going to get worse – and they could break and stop working at any moment. With newer models of cars, the manufacturers are purposefully installing squeaking break mechanisms as a way to tell the drive that the brakes need to be replaced, or that the lining with the brakes is wearing thin. The brake pads need to be replaced as soon as the squeaking noise is heard – plain and simple.

If you choose to ignore the squeaking noise, you may find that the noise quickly turns into a grinding noise. This indicates that the brake pad lining has completely gone and the back plate of the brake pad is now grinding against the brake rotor. You will still be able to stop the car at this point, but your brakes are completely destroying your rotors the longer you move. Preventing all of this damage is actually quite simple. As soon as you hear the noise of squeaking brakes, get them checked out by a mechanic or order new brake pads and fit them yourself.

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