Top 5 Auto Jump Starters

It pays to be prepared at all times especially if you’re a car owner. Draining the batteries of the car accidentally can happen to anyone but if you have a jump starter, you will be prepared to deal with such situation.

Jump starters are not only great for providing a power boost for vehicles but it can also be used for almost any machine. Below are the top 5 jump starters you can find in the market and on our website:

  • 5: Stanley J509 Amp Jump Starter – This product can provide you with an instant 500 cranking amperes and 1000 peak amperes. You will know if there is an incorrect connection because of the built-in alarm for reverse polarity. It comes with a 120V AC charger plus USB and 12V outlets.
  • 4: Black & Decker JUS500IB 500-Amp Jump Starter – You’ll get instant 500 starting amps from this particular product. Storage is not a problem because of the low-profile design. Like the J509, it also comes with an alarm for reverse polarity. This can be used even in dark areas since it comes with an area light that is ultra bright.
  • 3: Schumacher XP400 Instant Portable Power Source – This Comes with an on/off switch which activates the starting mode and an internet battery that automatically charges. You will know if the battery needs charging because of the LED light indicator. You can store this jump starter in any position because the lead acid battery is sealed; thus making this product maintenance-free.
  • 2: Stanley J509 500-Amp Jump Starter – The product comes with a built-in air compressor that you can use when inflating tires. It provides instant 500-amp power and peak power of 1000 amps. The product also comes with alarm signals for improper connections.
  • 1: Schumacher PSJ-2212 DSR Pro Series 2200 Peak Amps Jump Stater & Portable Power Unit – this product can provide you with peak power of 2200 amps, cranking 330 amps, and cold cranking 275 amps. It is equipped with an AGM battery that is 22 Ah professional grade; also comes with an automatic charger and 12V power outlet for DC

These are some of the best jump starters you can find in the market. The PSJ-2212 is a great jump starter and it is quite affordable for a price starting at $120 to $202. If you shop around, you can find a store that sells the product at a reasonable price.

The PSJ-2212 also comes with a manufacturer parts warranty, and if you get it at the right store, the product can be delivered within one or two business days. A Schumacher jump starter is a reputed product, and it is a great investment.

When looking for cheap auto parts, you need to shop around. You can trust our website for the best deals when it comes to finding your  ideal jump starter.

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