Product Review: Precision Hub Assembly

What do our customers say about the Precision Hub Assembly? We asked a sample of the product’s buyers and summarised our findings below:

  • was less expensive than O’Reilly’s and almost $200 dollars cheaper than auto dealerships.
  • Main symptom:  ABS light kept coming on without warning or reason. Replacing the Hub Assembly solved the problem, even if the problem was not the assembly, but the sensors or bearings built into the assembly.
  • The Hub Assemby was an exact fit and were working fine 6 months following replacement.
  • Cheaper to buy the entire Hub Assembly rather than the ABS sensors or bearings
  • No difference in quality between the parts from our website, and the parts from the local dealerships.
  • All sampled (10 in total) customers would have no hesitation in buying the same product again from our website.
Precision 515036 Hub AssemblyPrecision 515036 Hub Assembly


Precision 513124 Hub AssemblyPrecision 513124 Hub Assembly


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