Do it yourself: Change Air Filter

Your air filter needs replacing generally every 50,000 kilometers or 30,000 miles. More frequent replacement would need to occur if you drive in a very dusty area all the time. Your owner’s manual will give you more information specific to your vehicle.

Vehicles need air just as much as they need oil, water and fuel. The filters keep the engine free from dust, insects and all other impurities. Regular cleaning or replacement of the air filter will keep your engine running smoothly. They are not expensive and can be done relatively easily by yourself.

Step 1: Buy the correct replacement filter: Look through our website and pick out the correct replacement air filter for your vehicle. Consult your owner’s manual for help in finding the right part.

Step 2: Open the hood and locate the air filter unit. It is usually situated on top of the engine. Again your owner’s manual will point you in the right direction. Older cars with carburettors have the filter located under a bulky, round plastic / metal cover. Newer fuel-injected cars tend to have a rectangular housing between the front grill and the engine.

Step 3: Remove the air filter: Loosen the clamp that seals the air filter. Undo any screws or wing nuts. Some filters have a quick release system. Once the seal / cover is off, simply lift and remove the round or rectangular air filter.

Step 4: Seal the air conduit with adhesive tape to stop any dirt from getting into the engine during the air filter replacement. Then clean the air filter housing with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air.

Step 5: Simply replace the old filter with the new one. Make sure it fits nicely back into the housing and that all edges are sealed by the rubber trim

Step 6: Replace the cover and make sure that its straight and secure. Make sure all screws are tightened and any / all clamps are in place. Double check to make sure!

Step 7: Shut the hood and dispose off the old air filter in an environmentally safe way.

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