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Buying the right Oil for your vehicle

Buying the right Oil for your vehicle

The primary function of the engine oil is to lubricate the engine and lowering the friction between the internal parts of the engine. Engine oil also acts like a cooling agent for the engine. There are numerous auto oils and the diesel oils available in our store

Engine oil helps to remove the contamination and build up of deposit within the engine by channeling impurities to the auto oil filter, where these contaminations get trapped. Also, in order to arrest the development of corrosion and rust,  the auto oil or the diesel oils are equipped with  different kind of detergents which help in neutralising and harmful chemicals. The right type and levels of engine oil are essential to keep the engine and its mechanical parts in good working condition.

As the engine runs, the consistency of the engine oil can break down and reduce the cooling property of the engine. The lifespan of all engine oils depend on the type of oil. The viscosity of the auto oil and the diesel oils is also known as the “flowability”, its values depend on the temperature of the environement.  At higher temperatures the viscosity of the auto oil and the diesel oils is low and vice versa at lower temperatures. Therefore, In cold atmospheres, its best to select low viscosity engine auto oil as it better circulates the engine and its moving parts. During normal weather conditions, select high viscosity auto oil, which will better protect the engine.

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